Meandair Rolls out Global Service Following Launch of Global Data Streams


Following Meandair's Launch of its Global Nowcasting Weather Data Streams, Meandair has also launched the global coverage of its service. 

This includes Meandair's unique AW-METAR and AW-TAF product, providing the equivalent of METAR and TAF, but for every airport and heliport, both in raw-textual form as well as in a decoded dashboard view.

There are over 78,000 airports worldwide, but only 6% of these airports provide METAR, and even fewer - just 4% of these airports - offer TAF. closes this gap by providing AW-METAR and AW-TAF to all airports and heliports, ensuring pilots have access to crucial weather information. Even for the airports that provide METAR or TAF, provides AW-METAR and AW-TAF based on Meandair's Nowcasting Weather Engine. You can see the difference in accuracy and update frequency by visiting the dashboard of any airport through

The launch of Meandair's global nowcasting data streams also makes the raw-textual form of AW-METAR and AW-TAF available to integrators for all airport globally, the first customer launching this being Golze Engineering.