Meandair Launches Global Nowcasting Weather Data Streams


Meandair has started to deliver its unique nowcasting technology globally to current and future customers. 

The launch concludes a several-months effort of the product development team, giving Meandair the ability to deliver it's high-added-value unique data streams to their current and future customers. 

Meandair's data streams are delivered to customers via APIs. This means that Meandair's Nowcasting Weather Data directly integrates into integrators' applications and enterprises' software solutions. This allows for a seamless experience for customers' end-users, or direct actionable data streams for operational, short-term decision-making.   

Meandair's Nowcasting Weather Engine uniquely combines satellite images, ground and airborne sensor data, and numerical weather predictions with its expertise in Meteorology and Algorithms, and has developed accurate weather nowcasting data products providing 5 hours look-ahead predictions. Meandair efficient processing ensures minimal latency from sensor to final data product, along with unprecedented refresh-rates of every 5 minutes.

"Meandair is able to produce its nowcasts for every location", says Meandair Co-Founder and Managing Director Dr. Peter Novák, "The image below shows a very detailed snapshot of near-real-time precipitation and convective rainfall across South America, also covering remote areas which are otherwise not covered by the ground-based precipitation radar network. This way we are able to serve customers in remote regions, or flying over the oceans."

Along with the launch of its global nowcasting weather data streams, Meandair has added additional data products to its offering, now providing:

  • Precipitation probability
  • Convective precipitation rate
  • Precipitation composite (Precipitation probability, Convective precipitation rate) 
  • Precipitation rate 
  • Cloud cover 
  • Cloud composite (Cloud cover, Cloud top relief) 
  • Cloud top altitude (AMSL) 
  • Lowest cloud top altitude (AMSL) 
  • Cloud ceiling height (AGL) 
  • Surface visibility 
  • Wind composite at 10m AGL (Wind speed at 10m AGL, Wind direction at 10m AGL) 
  • Wind gust at 10m AGL 
  • Turbulence composite (Turbulence, Turbulence contour) 
  • Thunderstorm 
  • Icing severity 
  • Air temperature at 2m AGL 
  • Dew point temperature at 2m AGL 
  • QNH pressure 
  • METAR-based flight rules
  • Meandair AirportWeather-based flight rules

  • And many bespoke products tailored for individual customers' needs.

The products are delivered as numerical data, map tiles or text-predictions in various formats.