Renewable Energy

With rapidly increasing importance of renewable energy, accurate and timely near-term weather forecasts play are essential for solar and wind power generation and also for the prediction of near-term dynamics of intra-day energy market trading. 

The growing use of solar energy and wind energy probes new questions such as:

  • What amount of energy will a plant or a region generate in the coming hours?
  • When shall a solar concentrator operator put the facility into a safe mode in order to protect the installation from wind gusts?
  • What will the price of electricity be on the intra-day spot market in 3 hours from now?

The transition towards renewable energy sources provides new challenges to be solved. Meandair weather data integrated in operational, estimating, predictive or early-warning systems and models, can provide great value to operators and trading companies. 

Above data layer shows icing conditions, critical information for the safe operation of wind-turbines.