LAUNCHED AT AERO 23 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN provides actual weather and near-term forecasts for every airport in the world, including the regular METAR/TAF reports where available.

With airports have a virtual meteorological office, resulting in safer and more reliable operations for airports and pilots and increased traffic and revenues for airports. is powered by the Meandair Nowcasting Weather Engine.

For Pilots

  • Airport Weather Reports (AW-METAR) for all European airports 
  • Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METAR) for European airports where available
  • Airport Weather Forecasts (AW-TAF) for all European airports
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) for European Airports where available
  • Unlimited access to subscribed airports' Airport Weather Reports and Forecasts
  • Airport information for all European airports
  • Save home airport and frequently visited airports for quick access 
  • The most accurate weather information from the Meandair Nowcasting Weather Engine

Or download directly from

For Airports

  • Unlimited access to your airport's Airport Weather Reports (AW-METAR and METAR)
  • Unlimited access to your airport's Airport Weather Forecasts (AW-TAF and TAF)
  • Unlimited access for all pilots to your Airport Weather Reports
  • Unlimited access for all pilots to your Airport Weather Forecasts
  • Dissemination of your Airport Weather Reports and Forecasts to third party integrators of flight planning and flight information
  • Update your airport information and services on your dashboard
  • Update your important operations updates for pilots
  • Dissemination of your airport information to enterprise flight planning and information systems
  • Get your own Embeddable web-widgets for your airport's website
  • Have your own Kiosk mode to show at your airport lobby, flight schools etc., including banners to generate revenue from (local) advertising has been launched at AERO 23 Friedrichshafen. 

The service has been well received by pilots, airports and press. is currently available for all European airports. 

Worldwide coverage will be available very soon. 

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