Meandair Nowcasting Weather Engine

Insight in the weather for the coming minutes and hours is essential for timely decisions in critical domains such as aviation, renewable energy, transportation & logistics and agriculture.

Information about weather is available from various sources. Recent observational weather data is available from sources such as satellite imagery, ground-based weather radar networks and various meteorological stations around the world. Weather forecasts for several days ahead are the result of complex meteorological models running on supercomputers. These global predictions, mainly by national meteorological institutes, are published every 6 hours and use observations collected several hours earlier. Effectively these predictions are several hours old.

Insight in the weather for the coming minutes and hours requires near-term weather predictions which are based on very recent observational data. The unique Meandair Nowcasting Weather Engine provides weather forecasts for the next several hours based on observations (from satellites and ground stations) which are only a few minutes old. Meandair forecasts are accurate, localised and near real-time and thus provide significant value to aviation and renewable energy markets. This is achieved by combining vast and state-of-the-art expertise in meteorology and design of fast and efficient machine learning algorithms and AI.

Many features and available data products are showcased in our demonstrator Radair4D

The development of the Meandair Nowcasting Weather Engine was supported by the

  European Space Agency (ESA) through ESA Space Solutions 

and was carried out in collaboration with 

Science [&] Technology and KNMI R&D Satellite Observations department.

Meandair is an alumnus of 

  ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk, The Netherlands.