Integration of Meandair weather in SkyDemon

Meandair provides its weather nowcasting data for a unique feature of the SkyDemon app called VFR Flyable Conditions. SkyDemon is the leading flight navigation provider in Europe for general aviation.

The Meandair unique and accurate nowcasting weather data, including surface visibility, cloud ceilings and cloud top estimates, is integrated into the VFR Flyable Conditions feature of SkyDemon and delivers value .every day to a community of more than sixty-thousand pilots all around Europe and the world.

VFR Flyable Conditions, a personalised weather forecast feature tailored for VFR pilots, allows a pilot to customise and adjust their own personal minima and is designed to give a quick view on where the weather conditions are good enough for the pilot's upcoming flight. It includes a short-term forecast with a two-hour look-ahead function.

In addition several custom-tailored products are provided to SkyDemon and integrated through an API updating the nowcast every 15 minutes 24/7 according to the most recent observations and predictions.

The VFR Flyable Conditions has quickly become a very popular feature for SkyDemon users. Pilots using SkyDemon with the integrated Meandair weather forecast layers greatly value and praise the accuracy of the short-term now-cast weather data and the two-hour look-ahead function for the required locations. 

The SkyDemon application with Meandair weather data overlay showing surface visibility conditions. Image credit: Divelements Limited, project SkyDemon

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