Mendair and SkyDemon extend relationship


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Delft, April 11 2022

Meandair's growing weather data service to SkyDemon

After a successful first year of supplying cutting-edge nowcasting data for SkyDemon's new Flyable Conditions feature, SkyDemon and Meandair have agreed to extend their relationship for the next few years.

On a daily basis, many SkyDemon users are actively checking Flyable Conditions and over time this represents a large proportion of dedicated SkyDemon pilots over time.

It has quickly become a very popular feature for SkyDemon. Their pilots' positive feedback focuses on the accuracy of the short-term nowcast data and the two-hour look-ahead function at the pilot's location.

Building on this success, SkyDemon asked Meandair to deliver a new nowcasting capability for identifying the lowest cloud tops as they are happening and above which "flyable visibility" exists. This will be integrated into SkyDemon's full service during the summer of 2022.

SkyDemon was the first major client to exploit Meandair's specialized weather nowcasting technologies, and we're excited to extend this collaboration further.

Some of Meandair's activities are co-financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) through the ESA Space Solutions and are carried out in collaboration with Science [&] Technology and KNMI. Meandair B.V. is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Center Noordwijk, The Netherlands #

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