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Aviation et Pilote: " Revolutionary!"

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About Aviation et Pilote

Established in 1973, Aviation et Pilote is the leading independent monthly source of information on general and commercial aviation, as well as leisure and tourism-related aerial activities. In constant communication with various stakeholders in the aviation sector, the editorial team at Aviation et Pilote crafts articles, investigations, and specialized reports each month, bringing our readers the latest developments, trends, regulations, and invaluable insights for both experienced pilots and aspiring aviators. Our magazine's members and contributors, mostly pilots, whether private or professional, share a singular goal: to convey their passion and provide information for safer flying!

With over 50 years of uninterrupted publication, Aviation et Pilote is located in close proximity to its readers at Lognes-Emerainville Aerodrome (LFPL). Our team lives and breathes aviation daily, reporting it through monthly columns on flight tests, avionics, piloting, logbooks, training, new and used aircraft market trends, as well as news-related sections covering events and investigations.

Available in print, the magazine reaches a global audience through its digital edition, accessible on platforms like or

Over the years, Aviation et Pilote has become an essential resource for staying informed about the latest developments in aeronautical education and careers. Leveraging its extensive experience, the magazine has decided to bring together all the stakeholders in the sector in one place to assist those aspiring to pursue a career in aviation.

For over 30 years, we have been organizing the Salon des Formations et Métiers Aéronautiques, held annually at the beginning of the year at the Air and Space Museum – Le Bourget.

About Meandair

Meandair provides near-real-time weather information such as clouds, visibility, precipitation, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence and icing conditions at all (flight) levels. Combining satellite images, ground and airborne sensor data and numerical weather prediction, Meandair has developed accurate weather nowcasting data products with a 5 hour forecast.

Meandair supplies data products in almost every useful format for weather and decision-making related applications for integration in the customers' systems. Weather data is published via industry standard APIs.

Meandair has developed weather data products and services for integration in applications for aviation and renewable energy systems.