Airmate Partners with Meandair to Provide Global AW-METAR and AW-TAF to 250,000 app users


April 19th, 2024

Airmate Partners with Meandair to Provide Global AW-METAR and AW-TAF to 250,000 app users.

As the largest free Flight Planning and preparation app, Airmate has partnered with Meandair to provide its 250,000 app users world-wide with Meandair's unique AW-METAR and AW-TAF reports. This update gives Airmate's users a better situational awareness and provides unique, highly accurate weather reports and forecasts for all airports world-wide.

Globally only 6% of airports produce METARs and even fewer – merely 4% - provide TAF. Meandair's AW-METAR and AW-TAF as seen in its service, provide the equivalent of METAR and TAF for every airport or heliport, even if a METAR or TAF station is not available at an airport. This is produced by Meandair's Weather Nowcasting Engine, producing 5 hours look-ahead predictions with minimal latency from sensor to final data product, along with unprecedented refresh rates of every 5 minutes.

Independent preliminary scientific research has found Meandair's Nowcasting Weather Engine to produce predictions that are on par with human forecasters, anywhere.

"We are excited to partner with Airmate in providing their 250,000 users globally with the latest and most accurate weather through our unique AW-METAR and AW-TAF", says Dr. Peter Novák. He continues: "Airmate has proven to be a trusted partner for us in the aviation segment. We are thrilled that this partnership helps to expand Airmate's offering, strengthening their position in the global flight planning and preparation segment and paving the way for further collaboration between both parties".

Airmate CEO Dr. Myriam Delgal emphasized "We have been very impressed by Meandair's capability of providing accurate weather data and forecasts worldwide. We are thrilled to be able to provide those weather forecasts to all our users of our free Airmate aviation app, helping to improve the safety of their flights".

The integration will shortly be available to all Airmate users.

A picture showcasing the integration of Meandair's AW-METAR in Airmate is shown below, courtesy of Airmate.

About Airmate

Airmate brings to the aviation the paradigm change of all social internet apps: its apps, web and services are free for pilot private use. Airmate users may exchange together and share information with the community. More than 250,000 pilots are using Airmate worldwide. Whether your preferred platform is (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet), Airmate will run on it. Your data are synced with Airmate Web Flight Planning so you could plan at home and fly with your device. You could also share data between several devices. For more information, visit

About Meandair

Meandair provides near-real-time weather information such as clouds, visibility, precipitation, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence and icing conditions. Combining satellite images, ground and airborne sensor data and numerical weather predictions, Meandair has developed accurate weather nowcasting data products providing 5 hours look-ahead predictions.

Meandair supplies data products as numerical data, map tiles or text-predictions in various formats. Weather data is published via industry-standard APIs. For more information, visit