Weather Nowcasting

  • Meandair Weather API provides live weather products with 5h lookahead
  • the weather data are delivered with a delay of only couple of minutes
  • all Meandair weather data with the lookahead can be seen in our Radair4D
  • Radair4D contains live Meandair weather products for free
  • additionally the data can be downloaded for offline use
  • the application runs both on iOS and Android

Weather Products

Our dedicated team of engineers builds and supplies weather nowcasting data to EFB and aviation software developers.

Our nowcasting data is produced by data fusion of near real-time Earth observation sources including satellite imagery (EUMETSAT), ground observations, as well as traditional numerical weather prediction forecasts.

We offer our own off-the shelf data products, as well as tailormade solutions using the latest scientific meteorological and data science techniques.


Rain probability is what we analyze for clients.

We use computed state-of-the-art weather now casting algorithms and calibrated using ground observation time series.

As with most of our products, vertical graphs can be produced, indicating the rain expected en route. We produce a 5 hours future look of the movement of the rain and all other weather products.

The rain forecast provides details like:

  • Convective Rain: The areas of rain with convection within
  • Rain Probability: The chance of rain in particular areas and heights
  • Rain Composite: An overview of both Rain Probability and Convective Rain
  • Rain Amount: Predicted volume of rain in mm/h falling on the ground


Active thunderstorms can be detected with estimation of their top altitude, intensity, maturity stage and near future movements.

Advance awareness before the arrival of a Storm can add to safety.

The estimation algorithm exploits the fact that strong convective formations behave as raising "bubbles" in the atmosphere.

These are detected by tracking altitudes of clouds over time and estimating the speed of their vertical movement.

Being the uniqe in the world with such a feature, our team is very proud to have developed this:

  • Thunderstorms: Detected thunderstorm cells with their severity height and direction of movement


Optical thickness of observed cloud cover at vertical levels is estimated by enhancing the most recent observations of clouds optical properties from space with the most recent ground-based observations and NWP forecasts.

We provide data about:

  • Cloud Thickness: Complete 4D information about the clouds in the atmosphere
  • Cloud Tops: Height information of the top of the highest cloud layer
  • Cloud Ceiling: The height of the bottom of the lowest clouds that cover more than half of the sky
  • Surface Visibility: Visibility distance from the ground in km
  • Surface Wind: Strength and direction of the wind on ground


Scott Peppin has 15+ years of strategic experience developing markets and vetting business cases in many sectors that exploit space-based capabilities, including specifically several years in the aviation sector. Scott's initial mandate is to help Meandair expand its market presence in different aviation sectors.

Team Meandair is very proud to announce this milestone of our weather app user group.
We are extremely thankful to the over 2000 pilots that have installed and used our Radair4D nowcasting weather data before and during their flights. Over 10% of these users have used our weather data during flight which is exactly what we designed it for....

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Team Meandair

Peter Novák


Antonín Komenda


Scott Peppin


Gernot Veit Batz

R&D Software Engineer

Quentin Leroy

Communication Engineer

Michal Štolba

R&D Engineer

Michaela Arnoštová

Meteorologist, Lightning Engineer

Ada Aukje Engel

Marketing, Sales & B&D Manager


Test Pilots

Filip Švábik

Meteorologist, R&D Software Developer

About Us

Meandair BV is based in The Netherlands and Prague, was founded in 2018 by Peter Novák & Antonín Komenda, two accomplished computer scientists and aviation enthusiasts.

Meandair is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) through ESA Space Solutions and is carried out in collaboration with Science [&] Technology and KNMI, The Netherlands.

Meandair B.V. is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk, The Netherlands.