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Nowcasting enables decision making in Aviation

Our nowcasting tools allow pilots to make critical, weather-related decisions with the freshest possible weather data when it's most needed:  just before takeoff and during flight.

It is difficult for humans to easily assess interactions of moving objects along their paths, and one of the most important tasks every pilot must perform is to collect and analyze all available information about the weather conditions during their flight. Using this information, pilots currently anticipate the dynamic evolution of weather along the flight route because the forecasts pilots use were made hours ago based on sensor inputs collected hours before that -- it's not always actionable at time of need. 

Meandair nowcasting tools support pilots with near real-time awareness about the dynamic weather conditions ahead and with timely enough advice to optimize their routes for evolving weather conditions.

   [Numerical Weather Prediction forecasts from National Authorities typically have a sensor latency of 6-12 Hours - Learn more here]

advanced cockpit weather data
advanced cockpit weather data

Meandair's products are designed for Aviation

Our dedicated team of engineers builds and supplies weather nowcasting data and route optimization solutions to EFB and aviation software developers.  And Aviation has very specific weather needs that we focus upon: e.g. cloud, storm, wind, ice, etc.

Each product we build is specifically tailored for the needs of the various aviation sub-segments: from General Aviation to Commercial Aviation and from Helicopters to Business Jets to UAVs.

Check out our aviation-tailored products or book your free demo today via the Contact form below.   

Working with us is easy...

We've designed our products for ease of integration and our team will make the process as smooth as possible. We're ready to provide training and tailoring when necessary to help our clients optimize the use of our unique tools for their clients.

We are an international, multilingual team headquartered in the Netherlands and used to working hard until the job is done.  We supply our services 24/7, all year round. 

Our clients tell us they are happy to work with us, and we strive for that. Find out more about how we simplify collaboration here.

What's going on and what's it all about?

The team at Meandair are committed to sharing what we're learning and keeping our community informed.  We post news about our own activities and relevant developments in the technologies with which we're active.  

We know that weather + aviation + AI can feel complicated.  So we make the effort to clarify for our users how to use and understand our technologies.

Check back here regularly to learn more.

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