Working with Meandair is Easy

Working together

We at Meandair want our clients to be even more successful because they work with us.

How we do this totally depends on the product range and the demands of our clients. But rest assured, from API data to tailor made apps and other solutions; we make sure that integration of our products is straightforward and as flexible as possible to minimize effort and problems.   

We are engineers at heart. We solve problems. If our clients are ever having trouble, we jump right in - 24/7. We'll back it up with an SLA if you desire, but you won't likely need it. 

How do we simplify integration?

Our clients all have different systems and different expectations about the format of weather data delivery. One way to make things quick and easy is to publish our weather data via several different APIs that adhere to widely accepted industry standards:

  • coloured maps: You ask for a bounding box, a format, style, etc. and you get a picture from us 
  • map tiles: You ask for a map tile index at a zoom level and you get an image 256x256px - from these tiles you can put together whatever view you need 
  • raw data: we publish data in several different raw data container formats, including NetCDF, PNG, and we can even do ASCII - just ask
  • vector data: efor instanc, we calculate storm cells as vector polygons (in GML) and pump that directly to our clients' systems

            Note: We're pretty confident that whatever our clients use; we can make it work.

Offering so many formats creates two main benefits for our clients:

  1. Integration of our data into your system is easier and takes a minimal amount of time and effort. 
  2. And it makes data delivery faster, which means our clients' users have critical weather data needed for tactical decision making as fast as is really possible in this day and age.

So what does a project with Meandair look like?

Well, practically speaking, it will likely be short. We've never spent more than a few days setting up and integrating our products.  

Pricing guidance

Our pricing depends on a number of factors. The performance you need from us. The number of users we enable. The integration effort required. The number of data types you need. The types of optimizations we provide. Etc. Every situation is a bit different and we're happy to serve our clients just how they like it. 

We definitely ensure our prices are fair and appropriate to each client we serve, and we'll be able to give you a ball-park idea very quickly when we understand your needs.

Usually our client relationships begin with a trial. And with a trial, we offer 1-3 months of our data so that you have time to assess what works best. If your organization would like see a demonstration or explore the possibility of a trial, contact us at