Why Meandair?

What makes our technology so special?

Severe or rapidly changing weather impacts people, businesses and government to the tune of 100s of Billions of Euros every year. Even in the Aviation sector, the impacts are in the 10s of Billions, annually. 

Modern weather forecasting is fantastically advanced, and yet it fails to predict weather events well enough to avoid these consequences.

Our Nowcasts address this market failure; and specifically for the Aviation sector.  

We publish Nowcasts based on current sensor data so frequently that aviation professionals can reliably and confidently take decisions that do mitigate these weather risks.  

Meandair gives its aviation clients the option to take truly informed tactical decisions about weather -- an option they've never had yet!

Meandair's Tactical Weather Tools provide:

   1.  The most advanced nowcasting for Aviation

           we're more accurate & more localized than any other tactical solution

   2.  Sensor latency that's never more than 7 minutes

           it happens and you know it - almost immediately; nobody else does this  

   3.  Tactical Weather Tools in 4D

           the most up-to-date view of (adverse) weather and how it's evolving/moving    

   4.  ML/AI route optimization for dynamic weather interactions

           this level of dynamic route optimization leverages our most cutting-edge algorithms

Meandair Nowcasts provide the best possible, current information about what the weather is doing right now, and how it will evolve in the coming minutes and hours.  (Learn more about Nowcasting here.)

More about how we put our Value Proposition in play for our clients

Meandair Nowcasts are the most advanced in the world. From sensor to published nowcast takes no more than 7 minutes, and this is what makes tactical weather so actionable. The secret sauce is in the ML/AI processing algorithms we've developed and our seriously advanced weather modeling.

Our clients benefit from Meandair's 4-dimensional nowcasts because we enable them to make tactical decisions based upon the very best weather information available about when they can fly, where they can fly, and what routes make sense given the conditions AND how they will likely evolve.

We don't stop at just providing better weather; we put our cutting edge AI optimization algorithms to work by identifying routing options that are not only safe, but that help our clients to achieve their own operational objectives. Examples are: saving fuel/minimizing impact, maximizing passenger comfort by avoiding turbulence, ensuring timely arrival despite weather challenges, and so forth. We generate weather-informed, routing advice that allows our clients to achieve their own objectives.

Our focus is on the Aviation sector. Nowcasts have enormous (potential) value to airlines, other aircraft operators, and of course, pilots in the tactical decision-making timeframe just before takeoff and during the flight. We help our clients understand and their options take action in the face of changing near-term weather!

If you would like to know more about how our performance stacks up, click here!