Nowcasting Weather Data

Tactical Weather Data Tools for Aviation

Meandair's state-of-the-art technology uses advanced ML/AI processing algorithms, data fusion deep tech, and unique meteorological innovations. This technology allows us to publish contiguous 3-dimensional nowcasts with a sensor latency of less than 7 minutes!  Our Tactical Weather Data Tools are uniquely accurate because of this.

Our weather data is projected forward in time for 5 hours - making it true 4D tactical decision support data for aviators. It includes remote regions and oceans, and will be globally available in 2022. 

Want to understand why Nowcasting is so crucial to Tactical Weather, learn more here.

 Weather products overview

With state-of-the-art nowcasting algorithms calibrated by using air- and ground-based observations, we generate a number of useful weather products.

As with most of our products, vertical graphs can be produced, indicating the weather expected en route at all Flight Levels and projected 5 hours ahead.

Please visit the See Our Data - Live page to interact with live nowcasting data yourself.


Our Precipitation product shows weather data indicating the rain expected at different flight levels and everywhere en route. 

Our data products include::

  • Convective Rain; 4D Nowcast  
  • Rain Probability; 4D Nowcast  
  • Rain Composite; 4D Nowcast 
  • Rainfall Rate;  as a 4D Nowcast 


Our technology not only identifies significant convection, but localizes it to an area far more accurately than any other service. We identify intensity, size/volume and projected trajectory to provide graphic warnings to users. Often, the higher the intensity, the more likelihood hail will be present. 

  • Thunderstorms;  4D Nowcast
  • Lightning*


Optical thickness of observed cloud cover at vertical levels is estimated by enhancing the most recent observations of clouds optical properties from space with the most recent ground-based observations and NWP forecasts.

We provide data about:

  • Cloud Thickness; 4D Nowcast  
  • Cloud Tops;  as a 4D Nowcast 
  • Lowest Cloud Tops; 4D Nowcst 
  • Cloud Ceiling;  as 4D Nowcast  
  • Surface Visibility; 3D Nowcast  


Wind is the most looked after information in Aviation. To define take-off and landing routes AND to be aware of head or tailwind en route.

We now only have surface wind but are developing wind information on all flight levels.

We provide data about:

  • Surface Wind; as a 3D Nowcast
  • Winds Aloft*; as a 4D Nowcast


Meandair's tactical turbulence tool identifies and projects clear-air turbulence contiguously across every region we support.   

We provide:

  • Turbulence 4D Heat Map: EDR is calculated according to NOAA standards and intensity is presented in 2D at every Flight Level, and projected 5 hours forward in time


Icing conditions are quantified in terms of their effect upon the aircraft, and will be dependent upon the capabilities of the aircraft. Different aircraft may report the same quantitative conditions as different levels of icing as a result. Ice detectors are used to indicate the presence of icing conditions.

We provide data about:

  • Icing severity; as a 4D Nowcast

*in development - we're making ours better than a standard comparable product as we always do

Ask for our product specifications if you would like more detail.

Some related thoughts...

To ease your integration effort, we supply our data products in almost every useful format for weather and planning related applications.  Find out more about our APIs.

We're also happy to deliver our data products via dedicated App that we build with you for your business. Our Radair4D demonstrator App (check See Our Data - Live) gives an impression of 4D WX visualization of our tactical weather data products. 

We compare our performance to "the aviation weather world" in many different ways. And for near-real-time decision making - we're better, plain and simple. Check it out for yourself on our performance page.