The Meandair Team

Technical & Sales team

Gernot Veit Batz, PhD

R&D Software Engineer

Michal Štolba, PhD

R&D Engineer

Ada Aukje Engel, BBA

Marketing, Sales & B&D Manager

Filip Švábik, MA

Meteorologist, R&D Software Developer

Quentin Leroy, MSc

Telecommunications Engineer

Michaela Arnoštová

Meteorologist, Lightning Engineer


Are you obsessive about meteorology, efficient software, ML/AI processing algorithms, data visualization, or selling to the aviation sector?

Do you love responsibility AND working within a conscientious, professional community?

While we are not specifically looking for anyone at the moment, we are constantly on the lookout for excellence and ambition in many skill areas. If you think you might fit in, please contact us at