Product Specifications

Product coverage area

It is Meandair's intention to provide its Tactical Weather Tools across the globe and we're working hard to realize this by the end of 2022.  

Practically speaking, this means we'll offer coverage where aviation traffic is substantial enough to warrant our effort. And we recognize that some services are only valuable regionally, So we have divided the globe into "regions" we support or intend to support soon, and our roll-out plan is illustrated below.

We currently have our services up and running in the European region and in Oceania. North America + Central America and the North Atlantic are next, and in fact underway.  Thereafter, we will tackle the North Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.  Then at the end of next year, South America, Africa, Russia and expansion of the Oceania into the South Pacific.

We have the entire supply chain ready for this full coverage area.  It's just a matter of setting it up and integrating it in to our systems now.  That usually takes 4-6 weeks per region, but we can easily accelerate that if clients demand that from us. (But it's not for free, so we do this in parallel with other business activities at the moment.)


Because of the different needs of our clients from different Aviation market sub-segments, we create "product suites" specifically for these different types of aviation players.  So, our product specification sheets are designed to reflect these distinct product offerings.

General Aviation

GA Product Data Sheet

Business Aviation

BA Product Data Sheet

Commercial Aviation

CA Product Data Sheet


Heli Product Data Sheet

UAVs / Drones

UAV Product Data Sheet


Airports Product Data Sheet

We will post these on the website soon, but until then please contact us directly if you're interested in one or more of our product data and specification sheets.