Radair4D App

Our dedicated team of engineers developed a new app for pilots, which provides unique now casting weather data.

Radair4D helps Aviators with weather related issues in a smart and innovative way.

Using Radair4D

Radair4D, shows pilots relevant weather data.

Before flight, a flight plan can be registered in our app and the necessary weather information downloaded.

By pushing the flight button, just before take-off, our weather information, travels along with pilots!

Updates of the latest weather, can be downloaded during flight.


  • Real time information about clouds, rain & thunderstorms

  • Horizontal cross-cuts of the atmospheric column at different flight levels

  • Vertical cross-cuts of atmospheric column across a flight plan

  • Offline weather briefing download with forecast for up to 5 hours

  • ICAO flight plan entry

  • GPS integration and position snapping

  • Fully rotating basemap & map overlays

  • Automated/manual data update & data age indicator

  • Extrapolation T0+ 5hr animation of the weather data