Actionable Weather Tools for Aviation

Meandair's Tactical Weather Tools

Tactical Weather Data is near-real-time weather information about wind, clouds, precipitation, thunderstorms, etc., that we create with our cutting-edge nowcasting technology.

Combining satellite images, ground and airborne sensor data and Numerical Weather Prediction outputs, Meandair has developed weather nowcasting data products with a 5 hour forecast.

Because of our speedy updates, using our data tools can make impactful differences to tactical decisions.

Combining advanced AI route planning algorithms with our unique knowledge of 4D weather, our Route Optimization Tools provide pilots and operators credible, actionable advice for dynamic planning and adaptation to real-time weather.

The most optimal routes can be selected improving safety, comfort and timeliness and reducing risk and fuel costs.

With our route optimization advice, users can avoid adverse or exploit changing weather

Tactical WX Tools are used pre-flight, just before take-off, & en route (connected aircraft).

In this tactical timeframe, Meandiar's tools are very simply the state-of-the-art.

They give you the information needed to take action!

Our tools are tailored to each Aviation sub-sector

Different Aviation sectors have different needs for Tactical Weather Data.  Altitudes, local resolution, regulations, costs, and many other factors play a role. 

We've adapted our offerings to each sector's needs. 

Exploiting the power of cutting-edge meteorological and data-science techniques, Meandair provides a portfolio of off-the-shelf tactical weather products addressing all these sectors. At the same time we are also ready to go the extra mile for our clients by developing bespoke solutions for their specific needs.

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