Weather Data Performance

We outperform on many levels

Our nowcasting products are made using best available data and most sophisticated near-real-time processing technology.  We outperform other solutions in the short term because of our:

  • accuracy
  • detail
  • localization
  • speed
  • forecasting possibilities

On top of that we produce weather data that no other company in the market has.

Prove it!

We've been asked by some of our clients to actually prove that we're better at weather. 

And honestly, we are only better at certain aspects of weather. Others are better at finecasting weather for a specific locale. And others are better at long-range forecasting. And you still can't beat live sensor data at a particular location.

But without a doubt, we produce the best weather data for right now and for its evolution over the next 5 hours. So how do we prove it's better?

We measure. We benchmark. And we compare!

We use the most relevant and comparable metrics from NOAA's GFS benchmark to check how we're doing, to develop new products against and to stay ahead of the game.

We continue to measure our performance and we update this report every 3 months. And we will post a consistent set of highlights here to be transparent.

If you want more details, you can check out our quarterly performance report, here [link not yet ready].

Sometimes practical performance is more interesting than scientific performance

We're not actually satisfied just to be better at a set of weather metrics.  So we've devised  different anecdotal studies and analyses to understand how that scientific performance is translating in a dynamic problem environment call the real world.

Our approach is to follow flights that do intersect with adverse weather conditions and then evaluate the differences between traditional weather data and Meandair's weather tools along the full flight path.  Often, we find storm systems that NWP couldn't predict (for instance, because they're quick forming). We've banked a lot of data, so that we can perform many such evaluations.  So far, they are demonstrating that Meandair's Tactical Weather Data Tools are substantially more successful at identifying adverse weather and its trajectory.

We'll publish more about this when the study is complete.