Airports Weather Dashboard

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Local & accurate weather situation reports PLUS a 5 hour weather forecast for small airports and pilots.

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Many European small Airports have already started testing our the Airports Weather Dashboard!

In close cooperation with ESA and KNMI we have developed a new aviation weather product tailored for the small (green) VFR airfields to help them solve weather related problems.

With our service all you need to do is to sign up! With this you will help our engineers in further developing this important service for airports all over the world. So we will all benefit!

All we want is as many airports possible to join our trial dashboard.

After the trial period of 2 months, airports can continue using our dashboard for a small monthly fee (a fraction of the real costs). There is no obligation to join after you started the trial.

The trial of the Airports Weather Dashboard includes information on:

- Wind direction

- Wind speed

- Visibility

- Clouds

- Temperature


- Airports Altitude

- Sunrise- Sunset

- Weather Nowcasting

- 5 hour preview

Why Join?

- Its Free for 2 months

- No obligation to continue the service after the 2 months

- We provide you with the best weather information available for your airport!

- Detailed local weather plus 5 hour forecast!

- It can improve safety!

- It can generate more traffic!

- FREE Unique Nowcasting Weather information for your own airport (Normal minimal Value > 5000 EUR)

- Easy to install and use, no need to install a weather station

- Possibility to join a world wide network of other connected airports

- Being part of the development of the greatest nowcasting airports weather product available!

You can also mail directly to to sign up:.

Please provide us with:

- your name

- contact information

- airport ICAO code if available.

You will receive a confirmation mail and a link with the trial data for your airport.

The 2 months trial will officially start on the date you receive our confirmation link.

On behalf of our team, thank you for helping our start-up!!