About Meandair

Meandair builds on deep experience and research in computer science, AI algorithmics & robotics, and, of course, weather modeling and computation by its two founders, Dr. Peter Novák and Dr. Antonín Komenda.   

Meandair B.V. was incorporated in 2018 and has a seat in Delft, the Netherlands, and also operates from many locales across Europe.

As of 2020 the company has a team of 9 R&D software engineers and sales staff; out of that are 4 accomplished scientists with advanced PhDs and 2 aviation meteorologists.

The Meandair Story

Dr. Peter Novák and Dr. Antonín Komenda met in 2009, collaborating on several research projects in robotics, AI and the algorithmics of collision avoidance of autonomous aircraft; many funded by the US Army's UAV programs. Developing approaches for multi-vehicle control in dynamically changing environments inspired them to look for practical applications of these advanced algorithmic techniques.

They realized quickly that the problem of avoiding evolving and moving adverse weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or clouds was a substantial issue for aviation professionals,  And just as for UAVs, they discovered there was a gap in terms of the currency of weather reports for tactical decision making in aviation.

Meandair was born in 2018, as a deep-tech startup company; we use our extensive computational and algorithmic intelligence to develop a state-of-the-art nowcasting capacity and actionable advice and information to addresses tactical weather issues for Aviation.

Our Mission

We provide State-of-the-Art Weather and Planning Tools that help save lives, assets, fuel, time, and that support robust, sustainable response to the impacts of climate change.

Our Core Values

Meandair supports these Values, regardless of race, religion, gender, or whether you're working for us or with us or against us. We're all humans.

  1. Excellence, innovation & value: With our work we want to leave something new and useful for the rest of humankind.  We deliver our best. We are scientists at heart. We solve difficult R&D problems. We translate solid science into useful and practical products.
  2. Integrity & transparency: In the way we work, we are honest to our customers and to ourselves. We stick to scientific facts. We work on the basis of evidence, not assumptions. When a compromise is needed, our products and technology err on the safe side. We are transparent in our work and straightforward in our communication.
  3. Respect & teamwork: We respect each other, our partners and our customers as well as the differences we have. We accomplish more together, so we focus on the common challenges in front of us.  We are a remote-first company. We cooperate well despite not being physically at the same place. We communicate clearly and explicitly and listen to each other. We accept that mistakes happen and do our utmost to repair them together.

The Meandair Team is fully invested in our mission and they are all bought in to our value system. Learn more about our Team and Meandair's leadership here.

Contact us

Meandair BV

Olof Palmestraat 14, 2616 LR Delft

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 15-26629889